Coronavirus (Covid-19) Updates

September 17th

For those of you who have been wondering how today's announcement by Premiere Doug Ford affects our church and our ministries here is some information:


The announcement affects three areas Toronto, Ottawa and Peel regions of Ontario. It is in regards to social gatherings (bubbles) which are not staffed or regulated by social distancing guidelines. This is an attempt to stem the tide of infection spreads by private parties, wedding receptions etc. It does not affect places that are social distance regulated and staffed like cinemas, banquet halls and churches.


I was assured today by the environmental coordinator of the Renfrew County Health Department that nothing has changed for our area. Our services can continue as they are and we have been cleared to continue with our youth ministry with social gathering guidelines in place and have been cleared to begin having children's ministry including Power Hour and sunday school in the weeks ahead. I even explained our "Trunk or Treat" Children's event we are planning for October 21st and she thought that was a great idea.


We are working hard to stay updated as changes occur and will quickly inform you of anything that affects our church and programs.


If you have any questions feel free to private message me, email me at call the church at 613-432-6785 or check our website for further updates.



Pastor Peter Snow


Calvary Pentecostal Church


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