Missions is an integral part of our faith and of our giving. Some are called to missionary work, but for those of us who are not, we can still play an important role in reaching every nation with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Both our prayers and finances are important. Please read through the bio's and newsletters below and ask the Lord how you can play a role in kingdom work.

Our Missionaries



Bill and Elveera's journey has taken them full-circle from their birth nation of India to Dubai and then to Canada and now back to India in ministry. Elveera’s background in education and Bill’s strength in networking and his experience in business and media have combined in an effective focus on marketplace ministries, children, youth and young adults. Elveera teaches English, resume writing and interview skills. Together they have equipped rural youth for vocational opportunities and to evangelize. They provided in-service training for the staff of various ministries and in the business sector in Vision and Planning and Marketing Skills. Bringing Christian values, influence, and evangelism is at the core of their focus on the marketplace. Along with marketplace ministries, they are also involved in ministries of compassion, outreach, and providing life necessities to the street people, the children of the rag-pickers, and ministry in rural areas too. Their goal is to see the advance of the Gospel into every sector of society.

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Paul & Lynn Kohls

Paul Edward Kohls (PhD) is currently the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development at Pan Africa Christian University, whose mission is to develop transformative godly Christian leaders through training, research and innovation for service to God in the Church and Community. Lynn (Butler) Kohls is an Associate Minister at Christ Is The Answer Ministries Parklands: a church which was planted to reach out to the Indian Community in Nairobi.  She also teaches in the Transformational Church Leadership Program for PACU and is currently the MemberCare Coordinator for Africa.

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Anna Bortsova

Anna was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her father coached a Soviet Olympics team and her mother taught English as a Second Language.

After Anna married Vladimir Bortsov, they lived and worked in Kazakhstan, one of the southern former Soviet republics.

In 1991, both Vladimir and Anna accepted the Lord. Vladimir followed the call of God to go into full-time ministry, quitting his job as an airline pilot.  Anna continued working as a teacher and translator. They planted a church in Almaty, Kazakhstan; many people were reached for the Lord.

In 1998, Vladimir began to sense God’s call to go to Canada. They decided to test his leading to see if it was true. They went to Moscow and applied for independent immigration to Canada. Their immigration was approved on the same day, without an interview!

When they came to Canada in 1999, they first settled in Hamilton, but moved to Toronto a few years later as it became clearer that the Lord was calling them to minister in North York, where the majority of Russian Jewish people live.

The population of Russian immigrants in the Greater Toronto Area is about 200.000 people; 65% of them are Jewish!  This group of immigrants has been overlooked for many years, so the need to reach out to them is great.

At this time, Anna ministers at Chosen People Ministries with a focus on discipleship and ministry to women and in the area of evangelism.